About Wei Wei Ning

About Wei Wei Ning

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a  Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner; a Transition Lifestyle Coach & Custom Health Solutions Consultant; a Digital Entrepreneur & Health & Wellness Educator.

I help people regain functionality with root-cause resolutions. With years of education, knowledge, experience, tools & system, I have confidence to help people dismantle the dysfunction caused by chronic illness, rewind the clock & relive a quality life.

Like many of you, my road to understanding the power of nutrition began with a personal tragedy. In December, 2009, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer level III. I was shocked and felt hopeless when the doctor told me the test result. I prayed every single day as I went through the surgery, 4 times of chemo and 25 times of radiation, asking Heavenly Father to give me one more chance to survive and relive my life.  Unwilling to leave my beautiful daughter who was then just in the 1st year of college; unwilling to leave my business that I had been working so hard for years, I began diligently researching nutrition, diet and lifestyle modifications as soon as I left the hospital. I strongly believe that in the face of this tragedy, these were the only places I can have a complete control.

I began searching the best nutrition in the world that can help me boost up energy and heal the damaged system.  I was so thrilled to find the Isotonix Nutritional Supplements that have fastest delivery system and best absorption & bioavailability.  I began using food as medicine, processing fresh juice every day, walking, exercising and doing some lifestyle modification.

Now I’m cancer free for 11 years. Every day I give special thanks to Heavenly Father for his genius leading & guidance to have my life back to normal. By going through this holistic healing process, my post traumatic growth is significant.  I knew I had no choice but moving forward. I just don’t want to let this tragedy stop my life in a purely negative way; I don’t want to live a life that depends upon doctors on daily basis; I don’t want to take any medication, period. What else I can do? I have to keep on looking and searching for the hidden opportunity.

My personal tragedy had made me stronger and tougher. I became so determined to understand the mechanisms that lead to chronic disease, to understand how and why the body reacts as it does, and learn how to unlock the healing potential using the keys that nutrition can provide.  

By attending various health & wellness trainings and webinars, I am now able to stand in front my community and stand in front of those 20% of patients who need special individual assistance and help.

As a Lifestyle Medicine and Functional Nutritionist, what I have learned is that when we truly take a Functional approach – asking questions instead of prescribing formulas, fostering partnerships instead of placing ourselves or the physicians above our patients, and looking to physiology to lead us to each client’s unique root causes instead of rushing for the generic quick fixes. From my Holistic Functional Nutrition Practice, people can find levels of vitality they never thought possible.

My personal healing results always drive my passion to learn more about the healing potential of the human body. Functional Nutrition Lab (FNL) by Andrea Nakayama has truly reshaped my way of thinking about Functional Nutrition.  With years of working experiences and knowledge about the science and the art of Functional Nutrition, I am ready to help you heal as a whole person, not only for symptoms and diagnoses. You can relive your healthy life!  Work with me.

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Wei Wei Ning

I am Wei Wei Ning, an author and a blogger of https://www.lifestylemedicine4u.com.

I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Functional Nutrition Counselor, Digital Entreprenuer and Digital Health & Lifestyle Educator.

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