Depression? You can’t address it without looking at the gut.

Cancer? You can’t address it without looking at the gut.

Multiple Sclerosis? You can not address it without looking at the health of the gut.

EVERYTHING in health can stem back to or is ROOTED in digestive issues. The health of the gut is implicated in every single system in the body.

I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle Coach and Function Nutrition Consultant. I have created this blog in order to help you learn and understand the importance of the health of your digestive system. Please spread the word, Invite your friends and family members to read this blog: Lifestyle Medficine For You”. Let’s learn together.

Living a healthy life is not a privilege, but a right. Everybody deserves to have a happy and healthy life and lifestyle. But how?

In Gut Health Cafe, we are going to talk more about the functionality and physiology of our digestive system; why digestive system health is our overall health; what can happen if we do not protect the kingdom of our gut health; how can we utilize Functional Nutrition (diets, nutritional supplements and lifestyle modification) to help you and your loved ones to improve your digestive health, and improve your overall health. Stay tuned. Let me help you find the root-cause resolution to your optimal health.

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Wei Wei Ning

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I am Wei Wei Ning, an author and a blogger of I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Functional Nutrition Counselor, Digital Entreprenuer and Digital Health & Lifestyle Educator.

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