I’m A Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate

Hi everyone, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a new Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate from Morristown, NJ. 

I’m very honored & lucky to find Functional Nutrition Lab Class online. Being able to learn from the best in the field of Functional Nutrition, listening to the direct coaching given by Andrea Nakayama is a blessing. I am so happy that I started my class in July, 2019. These 10-month courses have really changed me in many different ways: my way of thinking, my way of coaching & my way of counseling with patients and my clients.

Unlike quick fix approaches, I have learned how to treat my patient as a partner and as a whole. With many professional tools, now I can see different patient in many different scopes with different healing plans. By taking Functional Nutrition Lab Intensive classes, I have gained so much knowledge and confidence for my future career. How to help patient identify the root- cause; how to help them remove non- negotiable, how to bring the deficiency to sufficiency to notorious the body system; how to help them heal within by recommending and developing a customized healing plan from diet to functional nutrition, from proper lifestyle to follow up as a long term lifestyle friend.

Functional Nutrition Lab classes have given me more than the knowledge. It has given me the tools, the vision and the hope for future healthcare. From Full Body System Intensives, I can visualize the three-leg-stool; I really understand why root-cause digging so critical; and as a holistic functional nutrition consultant, what to dig and how to heal are not based on the symptoms but antecedent, soup and skill. To me, everything makes so much sense! Now I see all the dots are connected.

I’m very grateful to Andrea Nakayama for her hard work and creative coaching idea. She has made difficult information fun & juicy. Her well rounded knowledge about diet, functional nutrition & lifestyle modification is so informational and beneficial. Her profound knowledge and unique explanation about full body system will be the landmark for me and it will always remind me of my role and responsibility as a root-cause digging detective. Her kind & pleasant voice, especially her enthusiasm about how to change the practice of healthcare industry will always inspire me to work hard and move together and forward with the trend & parade of Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Again, thank you so much Andrea Nakayama for letting me to be part of the journey. Together, we can change healthcare industry, together, we can change the world.


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I am Wei Wei Ning, an author and a blogger of https://www.lifestylemedicine4u.com. I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Functional Nutrition Counselor, Digital Entreprenuer and Digital Health & Lifestyle Educator.

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