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Functional Holistic health is a digital hormone balance educational platform.  Through various online educational courses and eCounseling, we provide Functional Nutrition and Holistic Healing Services with root cause resolutions to help people from the global, especially to those women who have

  • hormone imbalance health issues and the symptoms that can not be addressed after many doctors’ visits;
  • PCOS, Infertility, PMS, Type II Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Disease that still exist after trying different healing paths;
  • breast cancer, ovary cancer, endometrial cancer etc. and do not know what to do and how to deal with after cancer treatment symptoms;
  • fibromyalgia, brain fog, muscle pain, low energy, sleep disorder;
  • high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar that can’t be managed without medication;
  • medical complication for different drugs and want to go different path to heal and improve health;
  • lost hope for traditional medicine for inflammation, unintentional body weight or insulin resistance and want to try something new;
  • have tried different natural healing paths without much progress, willing to try something new, something that can functionally work for them in diets, supplements and their lifestyle.

If you are one of those women who has irregular period, mood swing, hot flash, have tried many different approaches to minimum symptoms with no result, this is the place you should visit;

If you are one of the women who wants to have a baby but pregnancy is not on your way, this is the place you should visit;

If you are one of the women who has severe depression and anxiety and doesn’t know how to calm the “nerves” down, this is the place you should visit;

If you are one the women who has to take antibiotics all the time for inflammation or UTI, this is the place you should visit;

Book your 1 on 1 Functional Holistic Health eCounseling wih Wei Wei Ning. Let’s work together to develop a Root Cause Resolution that epcifically works for your unique body system. 

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